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Thursday, July 14, 2016

D is for Dragon Roundup

Dragons are building-up in Picasa, and given their volatile nature, best to get them up here and away in the attic before they do any real harm!

From Ubisoft who I think we've visited before (might even be these dragons?), but all in Spanish so obviously clearance - here in the UK. Imported by Heathside Trading and sold through The Works about a year/18months ago, I seem to have taken some shots (which may have appeared here?), then got another dragon or two.

Each comes with a flyer/rule sheet in Spanish and Portuguese, three game cards and a jewel, there are a total of 30 dragons to collect.

This may have appeared before, or he may be the addition (or I may not have Blogged them yet!), with the limits of the Library for posting I can't check. They are a cut above the rack-toys below, but they're not that good either, trying too hard to be as spiky as the characters in the World of Warcraft franchise, if you ask me.

The full set of 30, some sculpts seem to have been re-used several times, others are unique, there's no real reason for this I can see, but it may be a familial thing hidden in the rules?

Imported into the US by JPW, these shots were sent in to 'Smallscaleworld Towers' by Brian Berke and this is a current rack-toy on the far shores of the pond. Standard 'Chinasaur' type dragons, they would look better for a proper paint-job, but as fantasy air forces, you can't get them cheaper!

Key Ring I got last Christmas, a 'proper' Chinese sea-serpent style dragon coiled in a heap, don't know for sure if it's modern or vintage, but I suspect (from the simple ring and chain) mid-1970's to the mid-1980's?

[added at library - yes, I've blogged them once already...click Ubisoft in the tag list...at least I know there are 30 now!]


Jan Ferris said...

Dragons are on my interests list. Always enjoyed reading about them and have collected several occurrences of the mention of dragons.

Hugh Walter said...

Hi Jan

I like that Chinese and European dragons are very different, yet have things in common...Per'terra'dack'tills I tell's yehr...they was there then, and they sawed 'em!