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Saturday, July 16, 2016

G is for Gift Egg Updates - 2 - Dracco and Bon Bon Buddies

I buy them so you won't have to; let's get the real shite out of the way, so you know what to avoid.

There are several sets of Star Wars eggs around at the moment including some with figures in and others with figural key-rings, these - from Dracco Candy of Spain - have an enticing enough wrapper, but. . .

. . . are the pits, a sheet of stickers, or a styrene-sheet key-ring, I don’t see a pound there, do you? Maybe kids today like this sort of stuff and I'm just looking at it from the point of view of an adult figure collector, but I seem to remember knowing when I'd been sold a pup when I was a kid too!

I gave this a punt too, we looked at a Mickey one a year or so ago (little red pencil rubber I think?), and this was no better, a very naff key-ring and a paper sticker from Bonbon Buddies.

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