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Sunday, July 17, 2016

G is for Gift Egg Updates - 3 - Giochi Preziosi; World of Warriors

In the UK actually handled by Flair, these were in one of the lots from the Plastic Warrior show in May, there are supposed to be two figures per 'hut', but I only got one in each?

With 60 sculpts and 126 variants these will take a whole childhood to collect! However, they are quite fun if you like that kind of thing. What are known as deforms or super-deforms now (I think?), they seem to represent all sorts of ancient/ medieval or 'primitive' soldier/warrior types from around the world, covering a period from about 3000BC to 1900, although some of the Polynesian types were still giving people trouble in the 1950's I believe!

There is a semi-transparent version of each sculpt, with six further super-rare ones to find and they are in a polystyrene type hard plastic - probably a better wearing polymer, they have the feel of good dice; acrylic, ABS, Perspex? In fact they are like those Crazybones things that were all the rage a while ago.

I won't be seeking any more (I've seen them available in several locations) but they will be turning up in mixed lots for the next 40 years (I'm getting quite a pile of Crazybones already!), so at least the cropped flyer image will help ID them.

The huts are different, and with four 'armies' (I think there's a simple 'top-trump' game element to the whole concept) I assume four hut types? The huts can be stacked and the figures can be displayed on the plinth under the roof (with the door turned out of the way) or on the top, using a locating stud on the plinth or roof.

As I say, they're not for me, but if you have young kids, these would be a fun way to get them collecting, they look like they could be fun, and there's history in there as well if you dig a bit and ignore the cartoon-caricature elements in favour of the tell-tale signature armour and headdresses?

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