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Monday, July 18, 2016

G is for Gift Egg Updates - 4 - Balaban 'Toto'

Toto has become one of those 'Eurowords' that sort of means 'play' somewhere; 'playing' somewhere else, here - I think - 'plaything'? And these were the 'house' eggs of choice for the recently demised 99p Stores.

Only sold in packs of three; the same as Kinder are retailed as in larger stores, or - a little cheaper - in Lidl and Aldi. Following the merger they were cleared through Poundland for a few weeks but seem to have vanished now?

A pound (or 99p) for three eggs is considerably cheaper than the best price you'll find Kinder at, and at least a  third (per egg) than any of the rivals, you might expect the toys to be crap, given the Bonbon Buddies and Dracco contents, but actually these Turkish Balaban eggs have comparable contents to Kinder.

Here two decent mini goods-wagons and two (of four) small boats, a 'pirate' raft and a little jolly-boat, with Airfix sizer!

Compared to other rail-stock from Kinder, if anything the Balaban are better models?

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