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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

L is for lifesize

I know we've had that title before, but i'm not feeling inventive today and I haven't posted wildlife for ages, these were shot in an hour or so on the 7th of this month, between rain showers!

This first one is a bit of a mystery, it looks a bit like a weevil, or a scarlet lily beetle and was found on a day-lily, so you might think it's a green domestic version of the red intruder, but I can only find a more weevil-like thing in the books called Byctiscus Populi which lives on Aspen...anyone recognise it?

Buff Ermine moth, he/she had a lovely orange and black tiger-striped (stripped? The one the doesn't involve the removal of clothes!) thorax, but it was difficult to photograph as you could only see it when it was fapping it's wings, which is when you can't get a decent shot in focus!

Emperor Dragonfly, sitting and in flight, our best dragonfly by a mile! Snail on the march and a Ringlet Butterfly. I also took loads of shots of various slugs - who knew we had so many species of slug! - but I've spared you those pictures.

A female Beautiful Damoiselle, our largest damoiselle, the male is bluer. Yes; it's official name is 'beautiful', how nice is that!

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