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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

News, Views Etc...Plastic Warrior No.163

A couple of weeks adrift catches me almost 'on the ball' . . .


* The issue kicks-off with Debbie Stevens' article on Marx Cowboys

* 'Hollywood Conversion' sees some superb figure modelling (the Kirk Douglas is stunning) from Graham Eyles

* An editorial round-up of several Britains giveaways is found in the section called...er...Britains Givaways!

* Alwyn Brice's Elastolin at 40 (part 7) is similar to parts one to six, only . . . a bit different.

* This issue's 'Converters Corner' has a plethora of French Foreign Legion troops, all modelled on Britains Detail by Les White

* 'New for 2016' by Peter Evans is a round-up from the Toy Fairs and brings news of products by Varto, Miniworld, Papo, Star Images, and most welcome: Bachmann-Toyway-Timpo

* A company new to me; Brohm presents a fort play-set, courtesy of Andreas Dittmann (that's another copier of the Beton horse for the list!) with Polistil and Dom contents

* P L Cunha give illustrated advice on how to build ingenious narrow, removable shelves that can sit in front of books on a book-case

'What The !&*$?' has two question marks this quarter;

·         A running Highlander similar to, but distinct from: Hilco is forwarded by Joe Bellis

·         Steve Pugh is asking about some vehicle loads which look 'helicoptery' to me?

* 'Meet Your Maker' meets Sergey Zabashta from Mars, of small scale fame, now moving into larger figure production.

* Tom 'the dull' Barker (I'm not being rude; he admitted it in the last issue!) tells the tale of his IKEA tie-in and illustrates it with lovely stuff - Starlux, Timpo, Lone Star and other lovely stuff

* 'From The Archives' looks at 1956 and what Cherilea and Crescent were doing

Regular Features

* 'NEWS and VIEWS and other stuff ' carries stories on BMC Toy's new plans, new Russian sets, a call for Samurai articles and acknowledgement of receipt of the latest Eurofigurines magazine.

* 'Book Review' looks at 'Toy Forts & Castles' by Allen Hickling

* 'Readers Letters' this time is limited by space and obituaries to feedback from Steve Morris, Joe Bellis and Peter Rushton, with the obituaries for Ian Walden and George Hill

* 'What's New' covers recent releases from:

·         Engineer Basevitch - Ancient Assyrians

·         Mars - Ex-Oritet Mujahedeen, Russians in Afghanistan and Vietcong Insurgents

·         all available from Steve Weston

Plus all the usual small-ads

Front Cover is a fine space diorama from Tom Stark

Back Cover - Travis at the alamo by G. Eyles

Remember also; for subscription details or to 're-up', for contributions, letters or queries, Plastic Warrior is now on-line through various platforms:

eMail; pw.editor@ntlworld.com

And they are on Paypal.

The old website is to be run-down/retired.

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