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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

3 is for Monkeys, Wisdom not Included

Another pack sent in from Brian Berke, and another MTC Rack Toy from the other side of the pond, however, as with a lot of this current Chinese stuff, it raises questions rather than answering them.

'3 Monkey', no lie and nice sculpts, well . . . small lie; one of them looks like an eye-eye or bush-baby, not a monkey! But, remember when I showed the snail key-ring and said I'd got a couple of others, and that I thought they were from larger sets, well this was one of the other two . . .

. . . and clearly it's from the same set as the MTC branded ones. Now - there are people who buy this stuff in bulk and add key-rings, earrings or such-like for onward sale on evilBay as a sort of craft business. But the three I bought were in a retail 'party' chain, so will be more commercial, I'd imagine the full set is larger, maybe 6, 8, 10, 12 figurines?

The trouble with trying to pin this stuff down is that the OEM contract manufacturers in mainland China will carry a bunch of lines in a catalogue, and any or several of the various FOB's and 'Jobbers' can pick-and-mix from those inventories/mould-banks, ship it to their UK/US end, or on to various smaller importers/jobbers, any of whom can then package it for further onward marketing ('jobbing') to various retail outlets or other clients, in the importers, the retailer's/client's own or a made-up brand.

Meanwhile back at the China end, the originator will offer them in maybe a deluxe, standard and basic paint job, glow in the dark, an infant version in monochromatic bright colours, in ethylene or PVC, or in synthetic-rubber as erasers, or as key rings or fridge-magnets, glued to plinths for museum shops or such like, in gum-balls . . . and . . . and!

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