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Thursday, August 11, 2016

A is for 'Army Men' in Alternate Artwork

Back to Modern stuff, both from Brian Berke, several months apart, but both still findable that side of the pond I'm sure.

The two packagings found by Brian in his jaunts round the dime-stores and party-shops of the Big Apple, the figures must have been around for a while as they are already available as much poorer piracies. We may even look at some soon, I know I've photographed a few.

Let's face it - if you're over about eight years of age you don't really want these in your army!

But you do need one of each in the archive! Three figures 'after' Matchbox, 2 after Airfix and three other poses, all from Ja-Ru, one of the older import 'Jobbers' still going, and I'm working on their A-Z entry, with help from Brian!


Jan Ferris said...

They don't look like they are well fed.

Hugh Walter said...

Yes Jan . . . the last three have been two-weeks in the bondu without a ration-pack - haven't they! :-))