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Monday, August 1, 2016

F is for Follow Up - Men of '76 and Their Relatives

Thanks to feedback from the Brians - Berke and Carrick (alphabetical, no favourites here!) and Tim Peterson we can reduce the question marks in the post on Colonial Insurgents I posted the other day while introducing another maker of these chaps.

Almost as soon as the post went live Brian (B) pointed out another maker's figures were similar, Brian (C) confirmed the base question and I had an email with the contents of set 9. I will update the original post, but here is the all-important shot -

Set 9
Muster List
(not necessarily in correct order)
1 Standing Minutemen
1 Indian Scout
1 Kneeling Hessian
1 Standing Frenchman
4 Bases

This leaves us with the fact that there wasn't a standing Hessian? This will explain the Minuteman's legs on my example!

Brian (C) said he purchased the figures at the time and they were unmarked and dark green, so for some reason the full marking was only on the Petrol Premiums with the pale green bases?

Meanwhile the make known as Star or 'S for Star' (who made some of the better Hong Kong swoppet copies) had a stab -

Having suggested the Men of '76 are Britains piracies rather than Timpo piracies, I think it's fair to say these are closer to the Timpo figures, although they have the separate arm of the Britains/MO76 chaps, they don't have the hole in the arm to receive the ball on the end of the musket's butt which is actually not present either, and both are a Britains features rather than the single integrated-weapon moulding of Timpo.

However - there is an obvious Timpo copy horse (without blanket/saddle?) and the coat-tails look heavier and more Timpo-like? The gun only serves to further explain the mass of them out there, but I'd like to compare it side-by-side with a MO76 one, there are probably slight differences which would be worth noting.

Star was also responsible for the 'Regiment' sets of Britains Swoppet 'Khaki Infantry' copies in various colours, similar Mexicans, other Wild West/ACW types and the Action Jack articulated action-figure (copied from an Italian toy?) which was ultimately re-produced as the risibly bad Montaman by Montaplex.

Brian Berke also sent me this, with the following in his own words;

"The attached photo in the centre shows two mounted Americans painted by me.

The plain lead (probably pewter) castings were sold in a Farm Museum at Cooperstown, New York a town better known in the US for The Baseball Hall of Fame, and for being on Otsego Lake the setting for James Fennimore Coopers stories, Last of the Mohicans etc.

This is the sort of area where the plastic AWI figures would be sold if they were available."

The Tourist figures look like old home-casts and painted-up well? I'm more interested in what's happening on the far right; I think she needs a Perspex oblong laid on her so she can serve as a pop-art coffee-table a'la' Clockwork Orange! There's a lot happing in the picture actually - loving the Mekon lurking in his deep box frame, and the little group of French 'pilou' are interesting . . . Lucotte? Minot? At least three makes!


Anonymous said...

Dan Dare and Digby came from the UK painted, they are solid metal and each attached to an end of a bent piece of wire which had them floating in space with their jetpacks. Anastasia is the Comet Miniature. The Mekon is a metal kit from the UK painted by me.

The WW1 US Cavalry were pewter home casts painted by me, these are often available on eBay as hundreds of thousands of these moulds were sold in the US. In the UK we had to make do with rubber moulds for plaster of paris figures.

The AWI cavalry were painted by myself, at the time the store also had some Hessian Infantry. You are correct Hugh that they were home casts. At one time I started looking for figures to represent all the early Eagle comic strips, these FFL are for Luck of the Legion.

The semi-nude dancer painted by me was cast by someone in Canada. The latest figure from the Eagle I came across was a semi flat of Tin Tin from France. What has stalled me is Captain Pugwash and Harris Tweed. Does anyone know if they were available?

Brian B.

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

The painted cavalry with the sword in the air is a : Nürnberger Meisterzinn home cast figure http://www.zinnfigur.com/en/Casting/Moulds/Meisterzinn/Officer-with-sword.html I believe , Tony

Brian Carrick said...

Hi Hugh, the Star figures are the same as the ones I picked up in Italy in '80 (only mine were all redcoats). They are more like copies of the Britains swoppets and have that strange separate moulded waistcoat that the Men of 76 have, my mounted figures are on copies of the Britains rearing horse which came with the later Wild West swoppets and then first series Deetail cowboys. I mentioned before that they came in simple header bags, so my guess is that someone bought a job lot and packaged them locally in Italy for distribution, I remember at the time the header had no mention of the AWI.

The four French infantry in the lower pic are all Britains hollowcasts but the officer is a conversion or made up from remould parts.

I don't recall ever seeing figures of Captain Pugwash or Harris Tweed - but who knows, it's all out there somewhere!

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks All!

There will be a follow-up to this follow-up, there are other emails, with more links!

Pugwash...maybe, but it would be a long time ago, branded to a thrid party from someone like Cecil Coleman or Cowen de Groot, and probably a key-ring or pencil shapener! Or maybe the odd Victory 2D wooden shape-puzzle type thing?

Harris Tweed is a bit too esoteric perhaps?