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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

M is for Monogram's Men Made Much Mangier in Macau

Not much blurb with these, being vintage (after all the new stuff we've been looking at) and un-branded generics; there's nothing TO say! They are all copies of Monogram's kit figures, which have been much copied and re-issued (by Revell) over the years and we will look at them all in greater detail on the Hong Kong Blog eventually as there are various types, we're looking at 3 maybe 4 different sources here. Enjoy the artwork!

The first four are all from the same source . . .

We looked at the vessels (loose) when I did all the mini-ships years ago, they are copies of the Triang Minic range in soft plastic. We also saw three of the sets when I did the 1-ton Humber posts. These sets are all dated early to mid-1960's.

This was sent to the Blog by Dario from Italy, and we looked at another one from the range on the Airfix Blog (8th Army - 1st Type), they are rather charming with the shaped blisters, but the contents are third-rate in the hierarchy of Hong Kong production - as are all the sets in this post, of course, that is the nature of Rack Toys! These figures are slightly smaller and I would imagine this set dates to the late1960's or the early 1970's.

Your eyes can tell you as much as I can waffle. Back to the earlier 1960's for this one.

Ditto! It's trying to be the same as the last set, but has a different mix of slightly different figures.

PS - probably not Macau!


Jan Ferris said...

Interesting sets of army men. I especially like that anit-aircraft fitted tank.

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Jan, re. The tank - It's 'different', I actually forgot to post one set of Monogram clones, but er...it's an 'interesting' toy...