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Sunday, August 21, 2016

R is for Royal Guard Set

That's the 1st Royal Regiment of bog-brush wearers to you sir, how very dare you! What is going on in this artwork? Knitted tea-cosies? Manx-cat skin? The 94th Loyal Circus Volunteers - Foot & Mouth?

We've looked at these before, but two more have come in since, both overprinted to Corneilius' WHC-Success label and with three different coloured legs, so worth a punt in Rack Toy Month!

Comparison with various other Hong Kong produced Guards (and one Household Cavalryman and an Infantryman in No.1 Uniform: 'Blues') and Airfix - far left - with a tatty Britains Eyes-Right figure to the far right.

The breakdown of the three common small-scale HK swoppet figure types. That's it; short and sweet!

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