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Saturday, August 13, 2016

T is for Toys, Tour, Tonto and Tiny T'ings . . .

Well, this is the bottom of the bran-barrel as far as Rack Toys are concerned, these - would in their day - have been the sub-dollar stuff (with the exception of the metallion bits) in 20 or 50 ¢ or p brackets, or a few cents or a shilling or less for the really early ones.

No wheels, no rotors, but recognisable as a helicopter! The card hints at nicer stuff?

From the same stable, some Christmas cracker/gum ball capsule 'hair tools' - bagged!

Ah, things improve somewhat! A plastic copy of the old (and much copied/pirated/licensed) Lone Star Metallion of Geronimo (they didn't do Tonto but I needed wanted to literate the title!)

An actual metal Kit Carson, but not a Lone Star one, I think this might be Gilbert Toys, but I don't know?  They were issued in several packagings, some store-specific such as for SS Kressege, whether this is a pirate, a licensed product or from the original mould, after onward sale I can't say but from the apparent lack of a title on the lump of grass (which I think was a rock on the original) I'd plump for piracy!

Below it is a Polish copy of the same figure courtesy of  Konrad Lesiak 

The same treatment was given to various bits of the Britains Deetail range including the Japanese and US Infantry, here we see the recoilless-rifle team, expertly antiqued by the chrome-elves of Aitchkay!

Below it is one of those things you'd love to lose, but it has age and adds to posts like this (and the 'whole picture'), so it sort of stays as an ugly duckling, without a proper storage box, worryingly with an ever-growing bag of mixed babies and piracies of the Thomas Toys kids and infants!

The fireplace is probably sold as a dolls house accessory (as was the baby in a basket), and I think I'm correct in saying this was also placed in Grandmother Stover's packaging?

The cycles are fun, and we'll do a cycle post one day, as there is a whole bunch in storage. These will be copies of game playing pieces, there is a super cycle board game page somewhere (or there used to be) with loads of bicycles, including about five games with the Britains cycles in, which is why they are always on feebleBay and wholly over-rated price-wise!

Britains copies aagin, the show jumper, I should get one out and shoot it in glorious techniclose-up, but another day.

That's some older cheepies cleared, more newer stuff to come in Rack Toy Month!

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