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Friday, August 5, 2016

T is for Two - Euro'Rack-Toys

If nothing else, Rack-Toy Month will lighten Picasa's load! Spain and Germany provide today's frivolous novelty baubles of polymer loveliness!

Actually by Manurba, once they had crossed the channel they became Tallon . . . there'd been a war or something and it was considered practical to hide Germanic titles from the Brits, now the 'Brexit' idiots have re-dug the channel so thoughtlessly, maybe Tallon will be re-born, carrying Schleich or Playmobile. . . or worse . . .Nutella!

We've looked at them before, and will return to them when the rest are out of storage, but for now, here they are, Anglo-German Rack Toys in Rack-Toy Month!

Wholly uninspiring figures I'm sad to say, they look like what I think they were meant to be in a de-militarised Germany - NATO troops on manoeuvres! Available in grey or green, about every 40th figure is marked ‘WEST GERMANY’, usually the officer or the standing ‘at ease’ pose, although I think I’ve a prone figure with it written down the leg? There’s probably an eighth figure, maybe ten (the bulk of mine are in storage), but don’t expect them to be any more lively
Oh Dear! The Spanish running out of steam; painted 54mm and unpainted 60mm with not enough horses presented by Comansi in a too-big bag? No wonder they changed their name to Novalinea (New Lines) shortly after! It's a Rack Toy, what'da'ya expect for a couple of shillings and sixpence? And the artwork's lovely.

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