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Thursday, August 4, 2016

W is for What the Heck!

We've looked at parachuting, poopa-trooper para-types so often I've run out of titles, that's the truth of the matter!

These are from Brian Berke; Amscan's latest on the other side of the pond, in two sizes, the blow-moulds are a definite 'generic', I think we've seen them twice under other 'brands' and I know I have another lot in storage, based on a design that must be 50 years old, and maybe coming from the same place, but a new moulding.

The smaller ones (with a Crescent sizer telling us they are about 56mm) are similar to others out there, but seem to be new sculpts (to me anyway), and hopefully when Royal Fail and Parcelfarce get their act together we may be looking at them in greater detail, later.

Brain also sent this shot of Max Headroom (well . . .nearly!) in training with the CIA, his instructor being more sensibly attired! A bit 'action-figure' like, but single mouldings, so definitely in the right place here! They also have catapults, so would be great-fun . . . in fact it's worth getting an old leather-cup catapult for all these para-chaps?

What the Heck! A penguin with a parachute, no . . . you read it right the first time, look at the picture. What else would you expect here? Some mounted Britains Swoppet knight, sweeping majestically down over the rockery? It's coming - but this is Rack Toy Month; so you get a Hawkin's/Tobar penguin in a snow-hat, parachuting . . . Airborne, AaiirrBORRRNE!


Jan Ferris said...


You have been very prolific with your posts lately. And the continued breadth of your postings is astounding. Thank-you!

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Jan, much appreciated, but only sharing the witterings of a madman!