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Friday, August 26, 2016

WTF is for What The Flippin' Ada!

The third of today's trio of pocket-money rack toys, and a brief visit to the beach . . .

. . . with a look at the Fun Aquad Set. Basically a small group (taken from a larger inventory) of Corgi piracies organised around the theme of water-sports.

With a shaped blister I think you only got the woman, but a man was available, also a Corgi clone. If you think she's looking a little naked . . .

. . . check-out the artwork, an Eastern-European ladies shot-putter from the mid-1970's?

Petrel issued this set in a larger configuration with the male surfer, a copy of the Matchbox motor-launch from the 1-75 Series trailer, several yachts in two sizes and some other bits, in the Petrel version; swimwear is painted-in I'm pleased to report!

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