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Monday, September 12, 2016

C is for Chariot

Except some bloddy Brexiteer has obviously pulled the wheels off this one, and - apparently - has no plan for getting them back-on again!

Brian Berke sent me these, and I shot into the attic to look for the riders I knew I had, as I have some very different paint treatments of the divers, however, it was only after I'd failed to find them in either the 'Divers' box or the 'New additions - 20th C' box that I realised they must be in storage with my mini-sub, which doesn't have a box, so we will probably return to these guys one day; in the meantime just enjoy Brian's pic's of a superb set:

Lone Star's 2-man Midget Submarine S15, possible contender for best toy ever, definitely best bath-toy ever!


Al said...

that's a beauty mate

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Al! I can't comment on Paul's PW's as the public computers won't open dynamic webpages! If you could tell P I've followed the posts in my feed, got all the MMM's correct and am so far in the imaginary-points lead I'm now on holiday!