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Monday, September 19, 2016

ITLAPD is for Arvast Me'Aarrties and Splice da' Main Brace!

It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Woo-hoo! And I remembered it this year - woo-hoo! And I had stuff to post - woo-hoo! And I've posted it - Arrrhaarrrr Jim-lad, no flies on this old cove! This be act'chew'ley the firrrst of fourrrr posts today, just furrrr fun, so if you don't be enjoyin'em I'll hav'yurrr guts furrr fiddle-strrrings, yerrr sorry bunch'o lilly-livered, warrrm milk-suppin', land-lubberrrrs!

Stad's tells us these were issued in Dollar General over the pond; I haven't the faintest who issued them here, but a pound to a pinch of shit it was Funtastic, PMS or The Works! Apart from the European-looking captain (who appears to have been sculpted separately), the rest look more fitted to pirating the South China seas (or the Indian Ocean) than the Med' or Atlantic.

These are smaller, and although they look similar with the red-black thing going on there, are actually PVC rubber and are both quite soft, and mostly distorted, might they be capsule toys? Sqiudgged into a little plastic vessel that holds no other treasure! One of them is so keen to have a hook for a hand, he's holding a hook in his hand . . . and look-out! He's got a ray-gun! Thanks to Peter Evans for some of these. Possibly at least one pose still missing?

The largest of the new recruits in this post; a Ja-Ru import, they're nicer figures from a Western perspective than the first set, but similar quality. They came with a set of skeletons to fight which we looked at a while ago, but I held these chaps over for the 19th of September!

These were all from Peter Evan a few years ago, and have missed at least two ITLAPD's despite languishing in Picasa for both of them! They look like the kind of figure you still occasionally find in a counter display box (but on a bottom shelf or in a wire 'pocket money' rack) for 25p-each or something like that; I don't know if that's how Peter encountered them? They're made from a very dense ethylene or a polypropylene?

Negotiation; Pirate style - The Ja-Ru guys divvy-up the spoils of their last voyage with all the decorum you'd expect of such fine and well-bred gentlemen of . . Lurrrnin'; Ah-Harrr!

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