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Thursday, September 29, 2016

M is for Mobile Reconnaissance

Continuing our look at the products of Ukrainian Collectable Paper Soldiers, and today it's the turn of the mobile reconnaissance groupp/element of the Border Guards, you will find by the time we have looked at the whole range it's mostly Boarder Guards of one kind or another, the regular army having been run-down by a crooked President who felt he needed to spend the money on a mansion, with zoo, and park, and fairground and full size pirate ship! Further split by the loss of Crimea, the weight of the incursions in east Ukraine seem to have fallen more heavily on the Border Guards.

These guys are like the Border Guard Special Forces, using 'Technicals' made by bolting a heavy-machine gun into the pick-up bed of a VW-Amarok truck, they look pretty badass to me!

They are facing to the East in all the pictures, because they'd be no good facing West would they? The Donbas is to the East, the insurgents are to the East, the not gay, oh no, absolutely, definitely, not gay, bear-wrestling, real man (did I say not gay?) Putin is to the East, the pirate-ship building ex-President is to the East, to the West - lies hope!

Each set comes with little scenic pieces, and this one as well as the trees has a road-sign . . . pointing to the East!

What I like about these is the almost South Park quality of the artwork, without the jokey side of things; these guys mean business.

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