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Saturday, September 10, 2016

N is for New Arrivals III - Star Wars

After yesterday's waffle, I can keep this short, especially as I'm somewhere else! While I was back at the Toysaurus, I picked up the last of the reduced for clearance Micro machines from Hasbro . . . these are they!

These are the only other sets with figures as far as I know - I did get a look at a transforming head play set in Basingrad last Friday and they do have 'unique' figures but I'm not paying what they're asking for them, even on clearance!

This is all the figures, or figural I know of in the recent line, less the 3/4 in the play sets.

I bought one of the blind-bags; just for archive.

But . . . I also weakened and got the die-cast 'First Order Snowpeeder' in Action Fleet scale, it was a quid less than I thought, and isn't it nice, they don't have hand-held, wirless, mobile technology far, far, away, but they do have flying machine-gun nests - gotta' love the Military Idustrial Complex sometimes!

Comparison between the two.


Jan Ferris said...

I was just looking at this stuff today while passing through to the automotive department. Nice collection, Hugh!

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Jan!