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Monday, September 19, 2016

TLADP is for Talk Like a Drunken Pirate

This was one of the first things Brian sent to the Blog, and I've had to sit on it since early May, but he was the first image in the folder with all today's images, so sort of 'senior sailor'!

If the small barrel is full of 'Vino', I hate to think what's in the large one, I hope it's beer, not whiskey! Brilliant, a roughly 54mm pirate with his own barrel of wine, and he's looking pretty determined to defend it against all-comers.

Below him is a size-comparison shot with the smaller figures we looked-at earlier this morning.

Brain later sent this (cropped-out of a larger image, for another post), it's the ship that came as part of the play-set with the above drunken pirate and his very important porterage!

Here he is compared to a couple of Yolanda 60mm pirates, which got me thinking - Gog of the Toys From the Past blog sent me a bunch of images of Yolanda stuff ages ago; I mean like right back. at the start of the blog.

I never used them as I thought he would use them on his blog, but he's more of a die-cast and card game . . . action figure [bit of everything!] blogger so - with his permission - I will put them together into a post or two soon, but anyway, I went looking for the images and . . .

. . . found a third pose! Thanks Gog! That's it for figures on this International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but there's still a post to come . . . Ah'Haarrr, That'ull be a secret, thaaaat'well - Wait'n'see yerrr scoundrullss; orse I'll keellhawwlll the lot'o'yerrrs...hic!

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