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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Y is for Your Author!

I thought it was about time you caught a glimpse of me! Just call me big'ed!

My brother looks to be about 6/12-months old, so this was taken roughly 50 years ago! Like the Brexiteers recently; I found it incredibly easy to rip the wheels off the bus . . . I think it's a Corgi? As is the tractor?

And - as the Brexiteers are now discovering; getting the wheels back on the bus is not so easy, especially when you have no plan, no plan and . . . NO PLAN! Fuckwits! And every single one of them has a different idea about what they think they were voting for, 17 million different ideas for a backward-looking paradise, most of which - it has to be said - involve a bit of casual racism, intolerance or plain stupidity!

No, this isn't the forthcoming rant either; it's just me trying to get me'wheel back on again!

Although, I notice the person the Rant'll be directed against has just been removed from the thread where he managed to slag-off or insult Engineer Basevitch, Plastic Warrior magazine  and Weston Toy Soldiers - in one paragraph!


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Would have been a better idea to have got all the details and plan on leaving the EU BEFORE the vote , now they are like headless chickens ! , which confirms my long held belief that our ruling class are f**k wits at the bottom of it ! - back to real life now painting toy soldiers , Tony

Hugh Walter said...

I've pinched a useful meme from the Facebook on the subject, which apparently gives us remainers permission to winge about the result for at last 41 Years, that being how long the 'other side' winged after the '75 referendum!

What's good for the goose etc...

...yes...back to toys!