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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

B is for Brewers-dray, Beer-wagon or Brauereiwagen

So getting stuck into the Preiser season with the most important wagon type, ever, the beer-deliverers!

This is one of the wagons Gary Worsfold sent us, and it's lovely, look at all that beer! The transfer had lifted slightly on one side of the name board, so I've had to play with 'touch-up' to fix it (top right image), but otherwise near mint.

This is a more modern design with pneumatic tyres and you can still find them in some towns where local pubs are supplied straight from the brewery, not necessarily out of practicality, but rather the advertising return of running vintage delivery-gear in public, along with the 'building/maintaining brand-loyalty' factor of supplying local hostelries with fresh beer at a factory-door/cost price!

From the catalogue we see (top left) the current version of the above wagon, it has a full-length name-board, and other than the barrels and the wheels: a completely new paint/decoration job. The logo is the same 'Rothenburger' (Rothenburg is Preiser's home-town), but they seem to be different brands? Or maybe it's a passage-of-time thing - one 1940's the other more current?

The other wagon: I think Lowenbrau is/was the local tipple of Munich and environs; now an International brand, although more popular a few years ago?

This is a proper 'Dray', and the reason a real gentleman walks nearer the curb when escorting women or children, there's umpteen tons of beer, wagon and horse-flesh there; should it loose control of itself for any reason - the bloke gets it first/worst!

There is a second version of the big dray in the current line-up, also Munich-based and also dolled-up in its best public-day finery - I see a pattern here . . . "Bierfest"!!!! Hic!

Preiser also carry a nice, smaller, crate/bottle delivery-wagon, more like a rag-and-bone cart which is back to Rothenburger on the graphics front (with a third colour scheme?), and just what your war-game troops need to see coming down the road - stuff a bridge-layer or some FlaK; send a beer-supply up the table - moral, it's everything!

Mmmmmmmmmm, Beerrrrrrrr! Minor point, but 'attention to detail', each keg has a different number stamped on it.


Paul´s Bods said...

Preiser do some bloody nice stuff Horsedrawn wagon /Coach/ cart wise. Pity they aren´t all a tinsy bit bigger..and a tinsy bit cheaper. Ok, some of them, the General Transport wagons like the hayrick/"ladder" wagons, as Long as they aren´t too Close to a 1/72nd scale pram, are ok alongside 1/72nd bods.

Paul´s Bods said...

oh..and the different colours for the wagons..possibly due to the different biers, as in same maker, different sorts, Hell, Dunkle, Pils, keller, etc

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers paul - I wondered if there was a better expalnation for the difference. We'll be looking at the more useful wagons in a day or three, I'm uploading shit-wagons and Columbus today!