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Thursday, October 27, 2016

B is for Brigade Band in a Box

I was sent these ages ago by Jonathan Newman with the intention of the contributor for me to Blog them, but they slipped through the net at the time and I found them the other day, checked back in Hotmail and will pop them here, as an example of the interim production of Preiser's inherited Elastolin stuff from the late 1980's/early 1990's, when they matched the corporate identity of Preiser with font, layout and packaging, but retained the Elastolin brand-name.

Many of you probably remember the adverts in Military Modelling and other hobby mag's around 1994-7? Now all ex-Elastolin is listed as Preiser but still has the Elastolin moniker attached and increasingly finds itself reproduced by Preiser's prodigious CAD/CAM workshop in other sizes.

As they are low-res, I'll just throw them-up as an example, there's not much to 'blurb' on, interesting that they have gaps in the line-up hidden in the centre of the band, presumably (as with all the 'complete' bands Preiser issues) there is a specific make-up to a Fire Brigade band, accurately represented in a generic carton.

Obviously using the old German Infantry musicians, with new helmets/added helmet-ridge.

The current incarnation of these sculpts is as separate figures in the standard Wehrmacht format/paint. From time to time Preiser still issue the bands with other paint finishes, while private sellers paint them-up as black-clad Nazi's and put them on feeBay for Brexiteers to spend too much on.

And many thanks again to Mr. Newman

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