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Monday, October 31, 2016

D is for Dem Bones! Dem Bones! Dem Dry-bones...

Also from Brian Berke, and again, we've nothing similar here, or at least not down the poncy, soft, south we haven't! I do wonder if discount stores in the cities, or further north might carry more figural stuff, but the closest to these I've found are very crude, larger (6"-plus), ethylene, semi-flat, skeletons which even I wouldn't give house-room to, and let's face it, I'm not that fussy; some of the crud I've accumulated!

I would add that I haven't managed to get to the Toysaurus for a while; they might have something more useful?

Brian set these a while ago, and I've sat on them patiently until today, they are a sort of silicon rubber, but - like a lots of materials these days - has a foamy consistency (which is part of a drive to make materials go further for less I think?), so very lightweight and rather squiggly!

In some photographs Brian sent for/during Rack Toy Month, there was one with the same Spooky Village branded CVS Pharmacy's bats in the background, so I cropped it out! I could also see a 12-count bag of snakes in another shot.

The other set was sent by Brian only a few days ago with some photo's I've ummed-&-ahrred about, but won't blog, they're a little 'off the wall' for the blog (bloody body parts! Very bloddy!).

However these are brilliant! Paratroopers! Skeletons! What's not to like here? Brian suggested that because they were Amscan, they should be this side of the pond as well and they should, but I can't find them, has anyone seen them here? maybe Amscan (UK) will carry them next year? I have seen sets of six warriors which look very similar, like the footballing aliens?

I will try to get over to the Toysaurus on Satyrday (that's as close to Halloween as I go, not a typo!), which will be two days ago when this publishes, and if I find anything it'll either get Blogged later today, or in a year's time!

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