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Monday, October 31, 2016

F is for Fingerbobs

Except these aren't Fingerbobs, they're more accurately 'Finger Frights'! Courtesy of Brian Berke who lives in the land of Halloween.

Although it is increasingly 'popular' over here, pushed by retailers who want to sell as much plastic crap as possible to as many people as possible, inventing a whole new level of mediocre utilitarian 'Bread & Circus' joy; the racks of costumes hanging in Wilkinson's at the moment like an abstract installation artwork claiming to represent 'Fast and Furious 15'; that's as far as we've got, buckets, big bags of sugary sweets, the odd bit of netting with spiders stapled to it and lots of costumes - which will mostly be in landfill this time next week, which leaves the Chinese manufacturers' laughing all the way to the bank!

But in the land of Halloween, they've honed the experience for far longer, and have issued various things to interest figure collectors: cake decorations, pencil-tops, carded figural 'treats' and other stuff, although it mostly seems to be 'vintage' these days, however Brian did find a few new items across the pond, well worth blogging, and these are among them.

For those struggling with my hand signals, I should point out that the one on the left is called the Trumpton and the one on the right is the Farage-rymes-with-Garage! Taken together it's also four in Roman numerals, as there's clearly only three of them, we have a clue as to the failure of that empire; stupid system of writing maths!

I like these, they’re fun! Imported into the US and Canada by the Greenbrier/DTSC partnership we've seen before, a clue to Jaru being in the background, somewhere, maybe.

If it wasn't for the date and the nature of the subject matter, they would be a Christmas novelty-post thing! Which raises the question as to why supposedly Christian countries have such a thing as Halloween? Don't all those Lear jet-owning TV evangelists have something to say about it - doing Satan's work for him &etc.?

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