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Sunday, October 16, 2016

F is for Fur-coat - in a box!

And a box-ticker; we looked at the 101 Dalmatians here almost a year ago, but I got the chance to photograph these on Adrian's table the other day, not a complete set, but about half? I think!

The point to note is the scenic flats in the background of each scene, I think I have some in the unknown flats section, so they will have to be recovered when they come out of storage and moved to the Marx box.

I also think one or two of the scenic pieces have been seen in 'Snow Globes', suggesting that Marx or their contract manufacturer/s were also responsible for making snow globes, or supplied plastic components to someone who was?

Thanks to Mercator Trading for the photographs.


Paul´s Bods said...

Now there´s an idea, 101 dalmation snow globes. The Dogs are plain White, shake the globe and try to get the now Floating black dots to land in a satisfactory pattern on the dog.

Jan Ferris said...

Marx, the heyday of plastic toys. If I only had a few of those toys of my childhood...Nice finds!

Hugh Walter said...

The worrying thing is Paul: I think you'd try it! Cheers Jan!