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Sunday, October 2, 2016

K is for Kit Figures

There are actually three sets in this 'line' of kit/play sets along the lines of the old Aurora Anzio Beach or Rat Patrol,, the third though (a Hoth diorama) contains micro-figures, which aren't worth looking at, so we will look at those useful for adding to Micro Machine or Action Fleet armies!

Cantina - I've painted most of them (long before the internet), but couldn't find decent colour references to the four characters to the right. Since the advent of the Wibbly Wobby Way, I've tracked down decent imagery (and titles!), so one day they will get a session under the brush!

Generally these are much better sculpts than the Jabba's Throne Room set (below), but the Wookie is a bit shite really, clearly been underfed for some time!

Jabba's Throne Room - This gives us a much larger mix of characters and again I painted those I knew or could find in various Star Wars books, and again I've found all the missing figures now on-line, so will be able to finish the project at some point - if I ever get glasses!

Loose-ends - I assume the [earlier?] brown mouldings are AMT/Ertl and the [later?] grey ones are MPC/Airfix, but I don't know? The fat lady in brown was in an 'unknown' box for years (as a possible circus cake-decoration - bearded lady, hairy lady, multi-tit'ed lady, I wasn't sure!) before I got the re-issues in the 1990's, so I know brown issues have some age.
The Gamorran Guard is one of a few who come in more than one part, requiring gluing. I can't - however - remember if you get 1 or 2 of them per set, if you get two, I guess I painted them both to look different, if you get one, I suspect the left-hand example is an OBE (other bugger's effort), it was about 20 years ago I painted these (1997'ish?) and I honestly can't remember!
I was particularly pleased with the R2 unit!
Given the number of musicians from Galoob and the number you could prize out of play-sets with a sharp screwdriver, I now have enough for a Long, Long Ago, Far, Far Away 'Battle of the Bands' or a bloody good rave!


tomholio said...

What scale do you guesstimate the 'jabbas throne room' set to be? I have the cantina fellas, and put them pretty happily as 1/76th (cue hilarious chewie fights airfix nazi situations) - would track down the other set if they're the same scale.

tomholio said...
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Hugh Walter said...

Sorry Tomholio - I should have pointed that out, there's quite a differnece; with the Catina - as you say - at around 1:76/72, and the Throne Room closer to 28mm? Basically some go well with Micro-Machines, some with Action Fleet! As the Wizards of the Coast figures are closer to 30, by the time you mix them all together you've just got an interesting Galaxy, far far away, long long ago!