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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

K is for Kool Kraz Krushes Kremlin's Kronies!

Continuing our look at the output of Ukrainians' Collectable Paper Soldiers, we arrive at the mighty Kraz troop-carrier/GS truck, which came with some Field Operation special troops on parade, but this was no Monday morning OC's Muster Parade, rather they were having a last-minute kit-check before heading-off on operations.

With at least five pose variations they made a decent line-up, dwarfed by their waiting limousine, and clearly in summer uniform or 'shirt-sleeve order', they carry all the paraphernalia (or full 'panoply'!) of modern internal security (IS) forces.

Contemplating 'the ride' . . .

"Big wheels!"


"Big cab!"


"Nice little window!"

"Hmmmmm . . . "

Each set came with an instruction sheet that - while fully annotated - had such clear graphics the blurb was all but unnecessary.

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