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Monday, October 31, 2016

M is also for Monstrous 'Monstruos'

Last post for Halloween, and the earlier unpainted issue of Yolanda's Monster set, again Gog has also blogged these images, with additional poses, so there'll be a link at the end.

A rather nice Wolfman and a figure which troubles me; Jack the 'Ripper', although popularised in the media (and look what populism does for people - Trumpton and the Brexiteers!), he was actually a real character, who got his 'nickname' for doing unspeakable things to young women, there's no place for a character like that in a toy-line, is there? Is it just me or has a line been crossed there?

We're on safer ground with a white bed-sheet and another Fly; you can never have too many flies, except at a picnic, more that no flies is too many at a picnic!

The Dracula definitely needs painting, without paint he looks a bit daft, while the ape from the Planet of Them looks just as good unpainted as the painted one did, but begs a professional paint-job!

We've seen these recently, one (zombie) a couple of hours ago, the other (pirate) just over a month ago and that's it for Halloween this year - unless I was lucky on Satyrday at the Toysaurus!

Link to Gog's article;

I think I've said before I'm no fan of Halloween, but if you're celebrating it, have fun in what's left of it (the Devil needs those vibes!), and thanks to Juan Angel and Brian Berke for the contents of today's posts.


Gog said...

Thanks, nice post! I guess nobody cared at the time about Jack the Ripper being a real character or not. It appeared in many movies, and that's what it counts. Precisely that's what I love about this toyline: the monster-mix you won't find anywhere else.

By the way, one of my scariest childhood memories was visitting The London Dungeon in 1993 (Ripper included). It was quite cool! Hopefully it is still open. Do you know it?

Hugh Walter said...

Indeed Gog! We got taken there on a school trip when I was a little'un, it's now owned by/part of the Madame Tussauds group I think?