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Sunday, November 27, 2016

C is for Composition Page News

I haven't been snoozing; I just sort of lost my mojo! However, sitting around opening folders and closing them again with a mental 'nah!' I rediscovered my mojo for the Blogger-wreaked Composition Page (hands-up if you're now thinking of seaweed!), so I have been busy with that*.

Finding missing images which were mostly on the big 'unknown' dongle, re-writing the lost sections (still got to do 'composites') and so on, I found a few duplicate images which I'll use here to announce the publishing of the page in a week or two, and these, below, which have come-in over the two years since I lost heart in that page, and which I can't be arsed to slot into the article.

This is the most interesting; it seems to be a previously un-recorded addition to the Zang for Timpo 40mm civil range; a man standing in a dinner suit, perhaps being given a ticket by the New York cop we've seen previously (a second one of those has turned-up too, with an equally thin base to the first one, so he may not be Timpo at all?)

Same size but five to ten years older is this Panzer tank-commander/AFV-crewman with the distinctive pre-war floppy beret. I assume he's Elastolin from the base, my Lineol 40mm's have marked, oblong bases, painted grey, while this is green (obviously) and too small to carry a mark; Quality isn't up to Lineol either!

Maybe supplied to a third-party for a tin-plate toy, several variants of those clockwork Gama and Gama-like Pz.Kfw.I's had a little flappy hatch-cover? Equally: it may be - from the tiny base - that he's to stand in a staff-car or truck?

In the 'Other Materials section of the composition page I cover soap and sugar-craft, but as it's a short section with two better figures illustrated, this can go here! I don't know who Baby Brumas was**, cartoon? Kid's comic character? Regents Park zoo attraction? Logo/mascot for Cullingfords? Anyway - a nice little bear figural soap, probably of similar age to the Timpo figure.
* - And reading; I've been catching up with some reading, Ender's Game was a good read, the current book on Military Disasters (sorry: 'hinges') by someone I can't pronounce is heavier going, and a bit shit, seemingly lifted from other sources and cut together with over-excitable hyperbole and a bit of plain old inaccuracy!?
** - Upon posting - I do now! Awwwww . . . sweet!


Brian Carrick said...

Hi Hugh, the man in dinner jacket is the bridegroom to go on a wedding cake but not by Zang or Timpo. You're right about the Panzer man, he's neither Elastolin or Lineol, the round base and slim silhouette are so he can stand inside the turret of a tinplate tank, I have this figure in a pre war Gama tank.

Terranova47 said...

Brumas the Polar Bear was born in the London Zoo and was the big attraction in the early '5o's. My Brumas soap came from Selfridges department store

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Both!

I'll double-check the 'Groom' to see if he's not bisque Brian?