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Saturday, November 19, 2016

D is for Dozor

The last set-specific post on Ukrainian Collectable Paper Soldiers looks at one of the new tools in the defence armoury of the UBG, the Dozor fast-attack 'battle-taxi' AFV.

Obviously a lightly armoured (against light-weapons/fragments) vehicle on a 4x4 chassis, similar in appearance to several vehicles in service at the moment, both the French and the Germans have designed similar equipment for their quick-reaction forces (QRF's).

From the other side: Mark (the designer of the range) says that all the uniforms depicted in the sets were recently replaced with new ones, so these are now 'historical' figures, even though they featured in the 2014 emergency - an emergency which is still ongoing!

The Dozor has a remote firing system for the cupola/roof heavy machine-gun which is a useful feature for laying-down covering-fire in the event that a quick skedaddle is required!

A couple more shots, and thanks again to Mark Sergeyev at Ukrainian Collectables for the pictures.

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