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Monday, December 26, 2016

1 is for "On the First Day of Chrissssstmaaas, His True Love Sent to Hiiiiiiimmm . . .

. . . A Snoww-man with'out a Pear tree!"

He didn't actually know why she mentioned a lack of Pear tree on the delivery docket, as he wasn't expecting a Pear tree, not that he was expecting a Snowman either, but that's his True Love for you, a bit quirky...it took the driver and him 20 minutes to unload (refrigerated-stand, an'all), but once it was up, on the front lawn, it looked fine . . .


Today's snowman comes courtesy of Doric, and while I could have used (should have - although I've found the piece of hat rim - the bane of poured-resin; brittleness!) the Fiddes Payne one, we've already looked at them I think?

Indeed, this '12 Days' meme is a variation of one I ran on the Facebook several years ago, possibly before the Fiddes Payne set was in the collection!

As with the header/bagged sets we looked at the other day (yesterday? I've scheduled so many posts in the last few weeks I don't know where I'm at!) these blister sets are filled with a mix of ethylene, styrene and resin bits and items in other materials, some of which are shared by other packers like Culpitt, Fiddes' &etc.

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