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Thursday, December 29, 2016

4 is for "On the fourth day of Chrissssstmaaas...."

A fourth snowman!

So he'd got the measure of it by now - he hopes? The quirk of his 'True Love' in sending a snowman was writ large, she was clearly going to send 12, it was 'quirk' all right - on another level!

They got the unloading down to 14 minutes...plenty of time for a coffee and bit of small-talk with Gina . . . didn't I mention the driver was called Gina? She was.


Chalkware snowmen are an old favourite of mine, and I have more in storage, we may even have looked at them on the blog, until a few years ago I would have said "you can still get these" meaning they were still contemporary, I now think they are getting thin on the ground and if you are lucky enough to find mint ones in a bakers they are probably old stock, not replacement stock?

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