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Sunday, December 25, 2016

A is for Advent!

Nearly through the calendar (20th at time of posting) and not many figural chockies this year (I'll add any additions before this publishes!), one duplicate already - the robin! I missed out on the excellent calendars you get from Lidl or Aldi so it was off to the Poundland for a local product; Kinnerton (part of a larger group with what looks like an Aussie arm?).

They have the same taste, but are much smaller than their Euro-counterparts (a bit like Britain now! Ooh - a Brexit dig on Crimbo-day Hugh; you do like controversy). Also there's an extra door for the 25th (with a mini-bar of chocolate) which just isn't tradition at all! Bah! Humbug!


Oh! Both duplicates, hey ho; they're here now!

Typically: the best one came on the 24th - A soldier! (or a soldier bear?), anyway; the drinks we were supposed to be going too got put back to this evening and I've made the library with minutes to spare! happy tomorrow, today everyone!


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