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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A is for Assorted . . .

. . . key-rings, or fobs, or chains, or charms, whatever your chosen term for them is!

You may remember back in the summer we had a post on insects, with the snail cropped-out of this collective-shot, well; here are all of them.

Again (see yesterday's comment on Doric) a bulk-buy - I'm a tight-arse on a low income - of reduced stock; three of them were unmarked and as I said earlier in the year - may turn-out to be from a more recognised range of toys, just 'converted' to key-rings with a screw-eye.

The forth is branded to (and if you'd told me back at the start of the blog I'd have been adding it to the tag list I wouldn't have believed you!) Fizzy Moon! A devil-bear; I should have got him into the Halloween posts? Why didn't I? Fuckwitt!

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