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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

D is for Chinasaur...and other Dippy Dino's

This has been in edit for so long, I've A) done several dinosaur posts since I uploaded it, B) referenced the carded set as if I'd published it (fuckwit!), and C) now have another in the queue, so this must 'go up'!

Rhaaarrh! Christmas present to a younger friend last Christmas - finger-puppets! I bought her story-cubes as well, so she could make-up stories and act them out with the finger puppets - she's only 8! Nine in January; she'd correct me!

Whoops! I referred to these in another post mentioning Fleetwood, thinking I'd published them, when I'd actually only uploaded them . . . Doh! Fleetwood's packing of my favourite rubber chinosaurs (see D-posts passim), although the one I like (Dimetrodon) is in a shit colour . . . white? How the fuck are you supposed to wax-lyrical about a white dinosaur?

These have been in Poundland for a year or two now, for a pound! I've also seen them in sets of three in TK Max in sets of three, and in other brand-graphics in Wilkinson's. That's over eight-inches of wallowing veggie-saur for a pound!

It's also going to lead to the first new polymer tag for years, as it's in this new soft foamed-PVC (plastisols) material which is getting more common with larger toy items, so needs a tag to itself.

Finally . . . ? I don't know for sure? I think they are Marx mini-saur remoulds, as issued by Marksmen a few years ago, but I don't know for sure? At least - I think they are Marksmen's small scale set as advertised, but Kent Sprecher's site credits no small-scales to Marx, so . . . ?

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