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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

F is for Follow-up; New paratroopers

I said we'd look at this first lot again when they arrived as Brian had said he was sending me a set, and they were pencilled-in for Rack-toy Month, but I ran out of time and had other things in the queue, so they're here now! Who didn't get parachute toys in their Christmas stocking at least once? Well; sue your parents for cruelty, neglect and emotional harm while enjoying the post below . . .

In the 'corporate' colours of the current packaging! They're like a bag of particularity nice sweets! But you do have to do you own parachute knotting which would be beyond the abilities of your average infant I fear?

Brian also sent these to the Blog, they seem to be a pretty generic version, after various Airfix 54mm figures and a waving-dude, I've seen them loose in grab-bins and carded by various brands and brand-marks, we've seen them from Playwrite and Unique here on the Blog before, these come courtesy of MTC.

Doing my job for me - Brian photographed these (left-hand shot) on a recent visit to the UK, and sent us the image, it's a good example of not seeing the woods for the trees being in the way - I go to Poundland all the time looking for 'el cheapies' to blog, and have seen these so often, but somehow not registered them as valid (they are a bit big and a bit action-figure like, but are also a single 'toy' moulding), nor registered them as being the same as the Hunson-packaged ones (also donated by Mr. Berke!) we looked at a while ago?

So next time I see them I will get one! Brian then sent the image of the Toyrific set (the Poundland ones are in their house brand of Funtastic . . . There's a pattern there - Portmanteau happy/toy-words as 'brands') with a note to the effect "Look familiar?", so I Googled them and quickly found the lower-right image on Tobar's site; I'm sure there are more!

Off interest note is that while you get them - typically - in pairs, there seems to be three sculpts, of which one still looks like Max Headroom! Thanks again to Brian Berke, the whole post seems to be down to him!

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