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Monday, December 19, 2016

F is for Follow-up; Wilco Cats

Available now from Wilkinson's and Wilco stores, these are not the sculpts looked at previously, and rather than blind-bags - the norm these days - are actually in 'which ones haven't we got yet' window-bags, bargain!

In a dolls-house scale I'll leave to others to define (I'll tag them 1:Large Scale!) they are nicer than the set I found earlier in the year, but not quite as nice as the 'chunky' set Brian Berke sent to the blog.

Like the sets we looked at back in the summer, they are simply-painted (no tabbies!) and have big starey-eyes but are otherwise nice enough if you have a separate shelf of cats in the collection! There are dogs and dinosaurs too, also three bags for four, for a twelve-count, Wilkinson's - just in time for Christmas stockings!

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