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Friday, December 23, 2016

O is for Other Bikes

Really an exercise in clearing Picasa, actually a never-ending exercise! These have slowly accrued waiting for their chance to shine on the blog, and this is it . . . although most of them aren't very shiny!

The big black one is actually quite badly damaged, but on the other side! Came in a mixed-bag of odds and sods from someone (so I'll thank - alphabetically - Brain Carrick, Peter Evans, Gareth Morgan and Trevor Rudkin - to cover all the bases!) and is - I think - Cofalux, it certainly looks like others I've seen, but isn't quite the same so may not be? It'll be French though?

The other is also probably French as I don't think Wendal ever listed a fire-brigade motorcycle? Therefore it must be one of the 'alu's, but which? Cof, 'do, or Mign'! Seems to be Fire Service and photographed on Adrian's stall ages ago.

Oxford Diecast; yes I know one's not a motorbike, but this is an exercise in getting stuff off the laptop as much as it's about motorcycles!

As an aside, the tractor should be green and old Henry Marshall was a mate of Dad's and actually helped us source our Marshall's Thrashing Engine, now that's a day's hard work: thrashing corn the old way! And when you feed horse-beans into the drum, it sounds like someone's trying to open the gates of hell with a machine-gun!

This is the actual one, I painted it - so much for Rustoleum! We used to run it off a Fergie-135, but I'm afraid the salt-air got to it after a time and it was a landmark up on the cliffs for another decade or so, before the scrap-man got it - but he didn't get much!. When the tag-list says it was abandoned - it wasn't, it was used as a shelter by the eepydeeps, and I think that's Minnie or Tiddles in the background with their kids (no, they're not kids, they're lambs, goats have kids!), we specialise in black-sheep!

More, what's to say about it . . . OO-guage compatible, but a bit big for HO, reasonable detail, reasonable paint - for moulded metal - and current production . . . er, that's it!

Brilliant! I think this was a quid at Sandown Park toy fair sometime in the last few years? Seems to have just appeared in the collection! Probably Hong Kong, but unmarked, probably a copy of a better US dime-store toy of the 1950's; has similarities to the copies of the submarine bath toys and copies of Manurba mini-subs in the construction and the silver-grey plastic type . . . brilliant!

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