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Thursday, December 22, 2016

P is for Pocket-money, Pack-Presented, Putt-Putts and Plastic-Fantastic Tupperware Crotch-Rockets!

Continuing where we left-off yesterday (cheap rack-card motorcycle toys/novelties from the Far East!); this is what's come-in over the last 12 months, half of it from across the pond courtesy of Brian Berke, the other's from closer to home; lets 'av'a'luke . . .

These have collaged pretty-much in relation to each other as you can tell from the pattern on the bed-spread! I think maybe the one on the right has ended-up slightly bigger than it should be in relation to the others? From left to right we have - rubber eraser pop-together street-bikes from Shalom International (SI Corp.), a new name in the tag-list - and MTC's real cheapie party-favours, but with riders! Both from Brian.

The Ackerman set we've looked at before, but the shop had one set left so I bought it back in the summer with half an eye on rack-toy month! Five of the bikes are the same as last time, but three of them are different colour-ways. Finally a set of smaller bikes with those little pull-back motors Lego use these days, Poundland, a few weeks ago.

The rubber bikes aren't really puzzles, certainly won't go on the jig-toy page, but obviously have a fun element, although with only three parts, there's not much to do beyond have a half-and-half coloured machine! I suspect from their website these were entry-level 'test the toy market' import items, as they are now developing a more corporate range of infant toys under a separate New York-based brand: Kid-O.

MTC's are pretty standard fare for what the are, Chines rack-toys, aimed at the cheapest end of the market, but like a lot of the old Hong Kong toys of similar ilk; such as those we looked at yesterday, a bit of paint could improve them no end!

Top left is the four types together for a sizer, while the other three images are of the Ackerman bikes I left on the card last time, I've also done a bit of part-swapping on the duplicate moulding, to make them a little more sensible-looking or a tad-less garish!

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