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Friday, December 9, 2016

P is for Postponed Plunder Post - Plastic Warrior 2014 May Part - III Another Bag!

I've got myself all confused! This was four posts, is currently five, and I think should be three, as the next two are really one and this one probably came from Gareth a week or two later at Sandown Park, but the photo's were all together in Picasa, so we'll run with it 'on the hoof'!

Also I'm A) running out of things to say about bags of bits, and B) starting to question previous pronouncements on bit I've posted, such as the cereal kit aeroplanes above; I think the car boot guy's ones must be in storage, and the ones we looked at earlier this year are the above ones?

Also another Jet petrol premium car (also looked at before) and a nice Ri-Toys blister pack of small-scale Airfix copies. Several 'piles of stuff' (see shots below), a bunch of bubble-gum tanks (again - looked at previously) and various other useful bits.

The farm and zoo animal pile gave-up this little lot, some of them went in last December's novelty posts, the others we looked at in Rack Toy Month! Also a couple of Matchbox horses and a dinosaur.

The probably not Giant pile! This is par for the course on a bag like this, with a handful of bits from 10 or more sources, plus a sub-pile of 'to be sorted' figures! Nice group of Britains Trojan copies from two sources and the little Marx clones

Hong Kong 'combat' pile gives-up a few ID'able Rado, and a bunch of generics, mostly Airfix clones bar the two ex-Blue Box French Resistance fighters and the big heap of Woolbro supplied Britains/Crescent copies.

All sorted and bagged ready for further sorting/storage!

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