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Saturday, December 10, 2016

P is for Postponed Plunder Post - Plastic Warrior 2014 May Part-IV - Box One of Two

I also picked-up a couple of boxes someone had bid for me on at an auction, the other was full of bits and will be the last post (tomorrow) on these late - very late - show reports!

But this one was a bargain with two soft-polyethylene ready-made forts from the early Airfix 'cartoon artwork' play sets, both missing their flag-poles, but I think I have some in storage, just a question of hoping I've a colour-match for the Wild West one! I have a comparison article in the queue for these.

Underneath them was a mass of 'Hollow Horse' Cowboys & Indians, getting harder to come-by cheaply these days, you see lots on evilBay all the time now with silly start prices or BIN's, but people do go for them, you used to get a bag like this for a fiver or less!

Starting to sort them into some sort of order, how I do this will become more obvious when I pull my finger-out and get a move-on with the HK Blog, I've got a lot of the images done, it's just a question of deciding how to best present them so that people with similar piles of mixed stuff can get them into some sort of order?

It was actually quite a clean sample, with these easily ID'd as post-Giant, Giant clones (the leg studs are different - but it'll all be on the other blog now!), the reason for the two columns of horses is that all the ones on the left had one cavity-mark, the others - another. Not also how - even with a large sample - you never get every pose (in good condition) in every colour, so the collecting goes on!

The ones I call 'Wavymane', with the Crescent clone horse, described elsewhere as Giant, it isn't, well, it can be! It's the first one in the queue for the other Blog and all will be explained - they're not Giant, but one set with Giant product (the fort) did carry these figures, probably because the set was gathered together from more than one source by a shipping agent or export concern.

Some of the more interesting things among the minor makes after the two big lots had been sorter out of the main heap included Britains-cloned Romans/Trojans from two sources, three actual, original, properly-real Giant figures (top right) with their horses. Plus five miscellaneous horses and a hand-full of figures from a similar number of sources, these go in a separate bag, and every few years I have a mega-sort of all the scraps.

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