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Sunday, December 11, 2016

P is for Postponed Plunder Post - Plastic Warrior 2014 May Part-V - Box Two of Two!

So 2014's Plastic Warrior show was a cracker, and we'll finish with this box, as among other things it was full of Christmas cracker type novelties! It was also full of Hong Kong AFV's, scenic bits, broken bits and err . . . other bits!

I'd already started sorting it when I remembered to take a photograph, so you'll just have to imagine what other treats were in the box; second of the Auction lot, but it was good! Indeed rather than me waffle them off, just click on the image and see what you can spot!

There were also a bunch of figures filling the gaps and here I'm sorting them into type and maker piles! Again, see what you can ID - I'm afraid it's a fuzzy shot, even with flash it was a low-light situation and my current little Nikon struggles if the light's not perfect.

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