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Thursday, December 29, 2016

P is for Pride - The Lion

Another piece of tat I found on clearance a couple of few years ago, this is the Olympic team's mascot (as opposed to those awful abominations that represented London2012), whether it was just for those Olympics (hence a 2014 clearance) or is still the mascot I don't know, and I don't need to know - if they changed mascot for Rio, it'll turn-up as clearance tat in about 18 months time!

He certainly seems to have been designed by the same person who did the Olympic mascots, but because he's an actual lion-thing, rather than the WTF-things of London2012, he looks OK, a bit Art Deco - stylistically - but eminently more bearable than the other two!

The thing is - let's be honest - these mascots are now designed first-and-foremost to be worn as a foam-suit by some poor sweating, dehydrated, jobbing-actor who can barely see where he/she's going, while taking muttered instructions from someone with a clipboard and an earpiece!

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