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Thursday, December 15, 2016

R is for Round the Bendy!

So a rather surprising trend this year has been the apparent revival of the 'Bendy Toy'; I've posted them four times this year and here they are again!

This is actually a vintage one which came in at some point this year, can't remember when or where; sorry if you gave it to me? It may have been in that mixed lot with the Cherilea?) A monkey, looking like a chimp rather than trying to cash-in on Kong Kong, so probably from a  set of several animals? Then compared to two we've seen before, as a sizer.

The first bendy-toy article was on the plant-ties, the second included the other two above, the third was the the miner/MPC family then we had THE Batman and Robin - pictures Brian Berke sent to the Blog - and he then sent me the actual figures, which was bloody kind of him, as I hadn't asked for them (but I did love them!), they were a heavy thing to post over the pond and they are now appearing over here. There's loads of them! Well . . . at least fifteen . . .

These shelfies (geddit! Did I just invent a new word?) were all taken in TK Max about three weeks ago, obviously just in time for Christmas! They are now also available in large sets as evidenced by this Box of Bad Babes - it should have been called!

But I love the old-school TV series ones the most and here is a set of them too, with the two we've seen alongside three 'new' villains. Compare this cat Woman to the modern one above, this is by far the more preferable isn't it? Depends on your 'generation' I guess :-) .

The Batman strikes again - A third sculpt comes in this set of Justice League figures, again five to collect on the single-cards, or as a set a couple of quid cheaper. I didn't get the make, but it can't be Five below!

On the subject of my brilliant new word - Hummmmmmmm . . . Doh! I'll add 'Shelfie' to the tag list, as it may prove useful as a ready-reckoner for stuff that may still be in the shops, if someone is on the search!

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