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Sunday, December 25, 2016

S is for Seasonal 'Shelfies'

A few things I captured on my way round Woking while Christmas-shopping and visiting PW's estimable editor the other day . . .

Four for £10 from the Evil Empire, exclusive at the Toysaurus or you can get similar for a quid at Poundland, or less at Wilkinson's/Wilco; as we saw the other day [link] . . . and it's your money!

In Debenhams for xmas, shipped by Keycraft, another of the new names this year I've seen several other - non-toy - novelty items from, in my travels. Decent re-sculpts of the much-pirated Matchbox figures - why didn't they just do new figures?!!

How cool is this? Too cool for night-school, that's how! A Subbuteo colour-change, night-light I caught in Robert Dyas, didn't get the brand and have already deleted the un-cropped originals, but I think it was about 14.99?

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