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Friday, December 2, 2016

T is for Two...Hollow cast Westerners

Time for another of those 'don't-know-anything-about-them-but-photographed-them-months-ago-anyway' posts, with a bit of hollow-cast for the fans of such things, and as usual with these it's a thanks to Adrian Little at Mercator Trading for the shots, which show . . .

. . . some of the most copied poses ever, and they're not Airfix! I don't think they're Timpo sculpts either, probably Britaims or Crescent maybe? Anyway, they were copied in hard and soft plastic by various people both sides of the Channel - if not the Pond?

The Lustre set are finished in what was known as 'spirit paint'' and are slighter mouldings, so later copies than the painted ones by Betal Parade. The single-colour ones may well have been sold singly as penny or tuppence toys in addition to the boxed set.

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