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Sunday, December 25, 2016

W is for Wind-Up

Christmas present to me, myself and I, well you would wouldn't you? Especially when you noticed the separate bayonet taped to his pack!

Markings on the foot-underside changed to 'CHINA', but otherwise the mechanism is unchanged in at least 40-years, the same as the old robot we looked at ages ago which came in my Xmas stocking about 1976, they just change the case from time to time!

If you think this is 'thin gruel' for Christmas day, I have shed'Yule'd (see what I did there! Crimbooooow!) several-more posts to publish through the day as a thank-you for your support through the year and so whenever you can escape kitchen disasters, need to hide from screaming kids, dolls singing 'Frozen' in Spanish all day (will it be Moana?) or whatever you're hoping to run from; pop back here and there should be something new for you!

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