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Thursday, January 5, 2017

11 is for "On the eleventh Day of Chrissssstmaaas, His True Love Sent to Hiiiiiiimmm . . ."

. . . 2 bloody Snowmen?!!

 Now OK; admittedly, they were both small, but two of them? This is getting a bit odd now.

What with Gina and him getting pretty 'merry' the night before she'd been late to work and by the time they'd unloaded them (did I say they come on a refrigerated pallet, well they do, they're a bugger to handle!) they were both in a bit of a state so he offered her the use of his shower and, well, one thing led to another...she needed someone to wash her back and he didn't want to get his clothes wet...she popped back to her place in the afternoon; to pick-up a toothbrush and feed the cat!


Two odd's in this post, an erzgebirge type tree hanger and a mini-snowman on skates, both unknown and smaller than the others we've been seeing!

The wooden set was a cheepie from somewhere like Lidl, Aldi or even one of the pound-a-like shops?

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