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Friday, January 6, 2017

12 is for "On the twelfth Day of Chrissssstmaaas, His True Love Sent to Hiiiiiiimmm . . ."


Gina had rung-in sick and was still at his when the replacement-driver turned-up on the doorstep with a van-load of refrigerated snow. Luckily the guy was a mate of hers, so the three of them rigged up a pallet truck from a trolley-jack and an old door and they soon had them off the wagon.

Once the other driver had gone they switched all the refrigerated stands off and Gina gave him a lift to the town hall.

He got an injunction out against his 'ex'-true love sending anything larger than a matchbox to within 5 miles of his postcode and then on the way back they stopped at Gina's place to pick up a few bags of clothes and the cat . . .

. . . all's well that ends well, and everything ends in the end - hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


I think we've seen these before? I can't find the magazine shots anyway, it was a set of snowman skittles on a kid's comic/periodical I bought a couple of Christmases ago, the trouble is even the tag-list is starting to show holes as we motor-away from sixteen-hundred posts!

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